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Waxed Canvas Hat Made in USA

There is nothing more satisfying than a waxed canvas hat made in the USA.

Waxed Canvas Hat Made in USA

If you are searching for a hat that you can wear in the wet weather, then you should look into acquiring a waxed canvas hat.

This very strong waxed canvs hat will most definately last a lot longer than any regular and inferior made cap.

Waxed Canvas Hat Made in USA 


This hat with its superior quality and style looks amazing on anyone and is without doubt one the most versatile hats you will ever buy. Shop Now.

This waxed canvas headware is designed to fit all sizes of heads due to its   adjustable strap.

This headware is constructed with 5-panels and over here in the USA  this is of  top quality in hat design.

Goodlooking ,rugged, water-resistant and breathable, this exceptional Waxed Canvas Hat is the last cap you’ll ever need to purchase.

This hat is available in many different eyecatching styles but include all of the same top quality features. Every women's waxed hat is water resistant that are designed to prevent moisture penetration for all-day comfort even when wet.

Our waxed canvas hat are made of the same exceptional and quality material as our signature bags. Waxed canvas allows the hat to age better, as well as to keep its original shape.

You will not purchase many other items of headwear or clothing that will last as long as this cap will.

The brim is stiff and will retain its shape so you don't have to worry about flopping down.

With its washed-out color coating, side ventilation eyelets and sun protection peek, this waxed cotton hat cleverly adapts to any weather conditions.

A cap like this combines functionality with durability.

You can wear the cap to the beach on a sunny day, or to keep your hair dry on a rainy shopping day.

Don't get caught in the rain without one, this is going to be the best item of clothing you have ever purchased, not to mention the most used.

The wax has a much more noticeable visual effect on a hat, it certainly looks good.

These hats match well with absolutely anything, you certainly don't need to worry about style combinations with this purchase.

Not only does it have style, but it is a very simple hat that protects its wearers from the sun and rain.

A light wax coating seals out the elements-keeping your head dry and warm.

If you love going trekking or on long walks, this hat is going to be like your best friend.

It is, without doubt, a great addition to any wardrobe, no matter what you use it for.

If you want to buy a waxed canvas hat made in the USA take a look in our store today.

Waxed Canvas Bags Portland

Most women like to flaunt their looks with soft and fashionable, stylish hand and shoulder bags, including our superior waxed canvas bags. If you are searching for waxed canvas bags for sale in Portland you are in the correct place.

Waxed Canvas Bags Portland

The Portland branded waxed canvas bags that are designed and styled for a busy life on the move, whether it’s the daily commute, a fun day trip or a romantic weekend away.

All of our extensive range of  bags have lots of room inside them with a convertible strap, which can be adjusted for easy access. There’s even a small compartment in the flap for easy access to your phone, your passport, or your boarding pass!

Waxed Canvas Bags Portland

A waxed canvas bag not only looks trendy, stylish and superior, it is also adaptable for many many purposes.This value for money bag , due to the materials and workmanship guarantees a long lasting stylish accessory. Please also remember that quality never goes out of fashion.

Let's take a look at a selection of our waxed canvas bags available for purchase from our online store or our walk in store based in Portland, Oregon, where we have a massive range of different top quality products.


This waxed canvas bag is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Shop Now.

It's not just made to be hard-working but has style and an exceptional appearance.

As always as any women would tell you, it is very difficult to find and acquire a bag that is perfect for all occasions. You have now found the correct , perfect and superior quality bag for you.

This bag is very adaptable for any form or type of ocassions that arise in your daily life. 

One of the main features of this style of  bag which stands out is it is convertable and can be made into two different seperate style of bags, including a tote bag or worn as a backpack. As previously said this is one of the most adapatable fashion accessories on the market at the moment.

 The quality hardwearing leather straps pass through solid brass hoops ensuring longlife and comfort.

This is an exceptional one piece of fashion that you are going to love and cherish for a long time to come.

This luxurious bag is available to buy in two different colours, grey and tan.


Here is an alternative to the previous  women's waxed canvas bag that is absolutely perfect for any occasion or function at all. Shop Now.

 Without doubt this is going to be the most adapatable and useful bag you are ever going to own or need.

Do not be put off by the small size of this bag because it is very spacious inside.

Looks amazing, it feels superb, ask yourself what more could you want or need in such a beautiful accessory.

Only top quality leathers suited for purpose are used in these bags. A hard wearing top quality leather is used on the base to ensure no damage or wear when placing the bag down and it will not effect its stunning appearance.

The bag stands 11 inches high and 11 inches wide, perfect size for all your essentials.

If you like what you see, you can purchase one today from our website.

If you want to touch and feel the bag before you buy, we have two walk in stores to choose from.One in Portland ,Oregon, the other is located in Los Angeles.

Don't forget we have a large variety of waxed canvas bags for you to choose the one suitable for your busy lifestyle.

Top Ten Polarized Sunglasses

Take a look at the Bridge & Burn top ten polarized sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a great fashion accessory. They are also most important for proper eye care, especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

The UV (Ultra Violet) rays of the sun can be very damaging if the correct and proper eye care measures are not taken.

The correct use of sunglasses is one of the measures that ensure proper eye care. Sunglasses are also great ways to make a fashion statement and make an individual's personality stand out.

Top Ten Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses offer special protection from glare which can be quite harmful. Here are the top ten polarized sunglasses that offer protection, which at the same time are stylish, and are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Shwood Govy 2 Dark Speckle Elm Polarized

Top Ten Polarized Sunglasses

The Shwood Govy 2 Dark Speckle Elm Polarized sunglasses are ideal for those looking for that perfect bold look as it combines moderately boxier frames with a keyhole bridge design. Shwood Govy 2 is more suitable for round, oval and heart-shaped faces. These sunglasses also offer premium specs which include Carl Zeiss polarized lenses and Mazzucchelli acetate. Shwood Govy 2 is great for both sex, although may be more appealing to men.

Shwood Canby Pearl Grey Elm Polarized


The Shwood Canby Pearl Grey Elm Polarized sunglasses are perfect for most facial shapes, and are of premium and luxury standards. This style features :

- Premium Mazzucchelli acetate
- 5-barrel hinges
- Carl Zeiss polarized lenses
- Real wood temple inlays

Shwood Francis Titanium Gunmetal Walnut Polarized


The uniqueness of this pair is exuded in unique specs such as vacuum-plated titanium and OBE titanium spring changes. It also fits a range of faces.

Shwood Govy 2 Whiskey Soda Mahoghany Polarized


This pair combines a classic and contemporary design giving a bolder look. It's great for both sexes and also comes with premium features. The features of this piece include a moderately boxier design and a keyhole bridge.

Shwood Ainsworth Vintage Tortoise Polarized


With this pair, individuals looking for an edgy pair of sunglasses that still maintain a cool look are covered. The round lenses are great for round, heart-shaped, oval and diamond faces.The classic vintage look is included with this pair of shwood, combined with ample protection and premium materials.

Shwood Francis Amber Elm Polarized


Those seeking a contemporary but classic look can try out these sunglasses with round silhouette, premium materials, and keyhole bridge. These pair of sunglasses fit several types of faces including round, oval and rectangular faces. This pair is great for both sexes and offers features such as five-barrel hinges and inlays made with real wood.

Komono Crafted Aston Tortoise


The Komono Crafted Aston Tortoise is a classic style with ample protection  offering polarized lenses with UV protection. This style of sunglasses also offers unique features such as scratch-resistant lenses and heat mouldable temples.

All the sunglasses highlighted above offer both the extra protection that comes from the polarized lenses and stylish premium features such as wood inlays and Mazzucchelli acetate.

Our top ten polarized sunglasses reflect a perfect combination of quality, style, and protection, all that an individual should look out for when choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses.