Our Commitment to Racial Justice

Commitment to progress has been a priority of ours since we started, and as a brand based in Portland, OR, must recognize the continued social inequalities and racial disparities that millions of Americans face across the country, and in our own communities alike — even right here in our very backyard of Portland, racism continues its prevalence, stagnating us with a system that impedes the success of own minority communities each and every day. 
Locally, there are incredible organizations in Portland working to combat racism rhetoric and work to strengthen the progress of our community. We will continue to use our voice to uplift and give back to these organizations working towards peace and equality, including our fundraising sale for Juneteenth.
Donations towards the Black Resilience Fund
This Juneteenth, from June 17th-19th, we were able to donate $1,900 the Portland-based Black Resilience Fund, an organization focusing on aiding black families in the Portland Community through reperation-based-action, with the mission of empowering and honoring black communities and their vital contributions that are continuously undervalued.