Waxed Canvas Hat

Waxed Canvas Hat

Looking for a hat which will feel right at home on your head? You definately need to consider purchasing a waxed canvas hat from the Bridge & Burn's  handcrafted waxed cotton hat collection by top fashion designer Tsuyumi.

What benefits do you get from purchasing a canvas hat that has been waxed?

The first point that really stands out is the fact that the wax coating makes the hat water and weather proof. Also, the wax strengthens the hat to ensure a longer life span.

I will advise you right now that this will probably be the best purchase you have made.

Before i delve in deeper into our extensive waxed hat range, our hats seem to retain there looks and style for longer periods of time than inferior products on the market.

It is similar to leather in respect of it being hardwearing and for retaining its good looks and style over a period of time.

Waxed Canvas Hat Collection

We are going to highlight one of our hats in particular.

However, we have many waxed canvas hats to choose from in our online store. Shop Now.

The hat we have chosen to highlight is what we call the "Pinch Front" waxed canvas hat.

waxed canvas hat

As you can see, this is one smart and rather functional hat.

It is suitable for many occasions.

It's has the original and classic baseball cap style that will never go out of fashion.

Combined with the waxed weatherproof coating it is going to be your most versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe.

The hat is designed and made in the USA, so you can be assured of superior  quality and design.

The hat is supplied with an adjustable strap and will fit adults and juveniles of all ages. 

Not only is it going to be great for keeping your head dry during the wet season, it will protect your face from the sun during the summer season too.

Let's take a look at the rear of this stylish cap.

Size strap on the hat

As you can see, it looks comfortable and stylish from the back also.

The hat has that military look to it that really never goes out of fashion.

With due care and attention this hat will last considerably longer than many inferior products.

As normal the colour will fade over a period of time, however this just adds to the overall appearance and style of this versatile hat.

As before mentioned, this versatile hat is suitable for all different ocassions and outdoor pursuits.

You will be ecstatic at the style, comfort and quality of this designer made hat. 

 Waxed coated products like this hats main uses was for protection against adverse weather conditions. Sailors, Hunters and Sportsmen swear on the benefits of waxed covered clothing and headwear. 

It is hard wearing yet is versatile and comfortable.

If you are seeking a quality designed and produced hat look no further than these excellent products. Order yourself a quality waxed canvas hat.

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