best mens leather duffle bag

Best Men's Leather Duffle Bag

So you have been searching for that incredible bag for carrying all of  your belongings for your overnight or weekend trips? Here at Bridge & Burn we offer the best men's leather duffle bag available for that purpose. 

You have possibly purchased an inferior duffle bag in the past and it did not live up to your expectations.Replacing an inferior quality duffle bag which was not as durable and sturdy as you expected it to be can be really frustrating and time consuming. At  Bridge & Burn you will not have these worries or concerns. Our Leather Duffle Bag is the quality investment you have been seeking.

Best Men's Leather Duffle Bag

Please let me introduce our top of the range selling duffle bag for men - The Filson 48 Hour Duffle Otter Green:

 duffle bag

This bag is very spacious and of supreme quality and as you can observe from the image below the craftmanship and style is incredible. The image in fact doesn't do this bag justice. With a complete and fully lined interior with dry finish cover cloth for extra protection on your belongings and a base design and styled to add flexibility and structure while packing what more would you require or need when searching for the best mens leather duffle bag?


It also comes supplied as standard with  a quality adjustable cotton webbing shoulder strap and Bridle Leather handles long enough to place over your shoulder to give you different choices of carrying options and certainly adds style and durability. Lastly there is a standard trolley strap on the rear which slides into rolling luggage handles.

Superior strength and extra long life are guaranteed in a real superior quality leather-based bag like this. As well as style, quality and top craftmanship.

So if you are looking to obtain a bag of superb durability, superb style and superbly crafted to the highest of strandards get yourself the best mens leather duffle bag from Bridge & Burn.

Purchase today.

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