cotton short sleeve shirts

Cotton Short Sleeve Shirts

Gents have you been searching for top quality tailor made cotton short sleeve shirts and couldn't find that shirt for you? Look no further. Bridge & Burn has a large range of spectacular short sleeved shirts available, ideal for the summer or everyday wear.

When it comes to purchasing clothing, the materials used in the garment plays a major  role in helping you decide whether to choose that product or not.

Cotton was a highly sought after material in Europe. Its soft but light quality made it ideal and perfect for the discerning men's clothing. It then soon became one of the most popular fabrics for top quality men's shirts.

It is one fabric which is used for so much more than shirts. You will find it on the softa you are sitting on. Even your blinds and curtains will contain the fabric.The fabric has gained a reputation as a high quality and sought after fabric and continues to grow.

At  Bridge & Burn, while shirts are the most popular type of clothing for men, there are various styles, colours and sizes of shirts to choose from. I am sure you will and should be able to acquire and purchase a shirt from the Cotton Short sleeve shirts collection from Bridge & Burn which will suit your personality and bring out the best in you. 

Cotton Short Sleeve Shirts

 Let me highlight just a small sample of the superior cotton short sleeve shirts available at Bridge & Burn:

The Harbor Blue Check Men's Button Up blend of cotton shirt (a personal favoiurite of mine) with 69% cotton, 30% linen, 1% PU.The print is so unusual and this shirt is one suitable for all ocassions. If you are looking to look cool, smart and stylish, this shirt is not to be missed. Other prints are available in this design. Shop now.

cotton short sleeve shirts


If you really want to stand out from the crowd and get nothing but compliments check out the 100% cotton marten navy pinstripe.Ideal and suitable for the warm weather conditions, this shirt will keep your body cool , suitable for both work and social ocassions.  Shop now.

marten navy

Third on the list we have the Thomas Chambray Polkadot:

Again another 100%cotton shirt perfect for the warm weather and certainly has the style factor. This design is also available in Navy Polkadot and Navy Stripe. Shop Now.

thomas shirt

Be sure to check out the rest of the cotton short sleeve shirts from the Bridge & Burn Collection.

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