Handmade Leather Bags Portland

Handmade Leather Bags Portland

So have you been seeking without success a superior quality bag to get you through all seasons? Look no further than the Bridge & Burn Handmade Leather Bags Portland Collection.

As there are numerous types of bags available to purchase in stores, choosing one to suit your personality and taste can be a daunting task, especially if you are looking to acquire and purchase one of superior quality which will no doubt last you for years. 

Handcrafted leather bags are fantastic not only because they are durable but because they can be used for all different ocassions and are suitable through spring summer, winter and fall. 

Handmade Leather Bags Portland

If you are seeking a handcrafted bag which is stylish and superior in looks and design  then you should look no further, you should consider purchasing one from the Bridge & Burn Handmade Leather Bags Portland Collection.

Below we have highlighted one of our best selling handmade leather bags :

 The Open Habit everyday bucket natural design:

This handcrafted bag is absolutely incredibly stunning.

handmade leather bags portland


  It is in a league of its own, with reinforced handles made for comfort and supplied with a single shoulder strap which can be changed over from the double strap,this bag really is unique in design. Easy to open via zip and with two pockets inside to store your accessories you definately cannot go wrong with this bucket styled bag. It is not only functional and spacious but is also stylish and your most definately assured to get many compliments from friends and family. 

Being handcrafted  with water resistant canvas and with hand dyed leather bottom and straps makes this bag stand out. It is a bag which is durable and should and will last any individual a long time. Shop now

 If you are looking for a fashionable and quality bag to carry all your belongings for many years purchase one from the Bridge & Burn handmade leather bags portland collection.

 hand made leather bags portland collection

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