leather bags

Leather Bags

Accessories can make or break any outfit, especially leather bags. The correct bag can turn an outfit into something else. 

When choosing a bag, it is not just about the colour. You need to consider so many things including the ocassion you will be requiring it for, the size and of course the quality. 

Quality is the main factor, if you invest in a poor quality made product do not expect it to last. Here at Bridge & Burn , expect nothing but quality and style if you decide to purchase a bag from the range.

A leather bag is definately suitable for everyday wear, including using for work, taking to the gym or even heading out at the weekends with the family for a picnic. A leather bag will also last longer than other types of bags. 

If you purchase a leather bag from Bridge & Burn, expect a good quality leather bag with both the style and durability factors. Investing in a good quality bag is so important as your money will be worth spent on something that will last you a long time, rather than a cheap bag which may seem a good deal at the time but then slowly deteriorates and then you would need to invest in another bag.
 Always better to spend a little more the first time and get a bag that will last and last.

Leather Bags

Let me showcase one of the best selling leather bags in stock at Bridge & Burn:

 The Wood and Faulk Field bag -

leather bags

Made in Portland, Oregon this bag is ideal for daily use and it can be used as a small messenger, a small purse or even a camera bag. It is fully lined with an interior pocket, even can wear it easily as a cross body as it comes supplied with a comfortable adjustable strap. This is really a unique bag and certainly has the style factor. Shop now.

Check out the rest of the leather bags in stock at Bridge & Burn. Shop now!

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