top polarized sunglasses brands

Top Polarized Sunglasses Brands

Have you been looking for that special pair of sunglasses and had no success in your search? Look no further, Bridge & Burn offers some of the best top polarized sunglasses brands.

As every individual has different taste when it comes to eyewear, one type of eyewear which is definately worth investing in is polarized sunglasses. 

You would think that sunglasses can be just worn in the summer months to protect your eyes from the sun this is not the case. Even in the winter months people will wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from terrible weather conditions including snow. 

What makes polarized sunglasses special is while they prevent damage to delicate eyes, this type of eyewear also shields your eyes from excessive glare. This makes participating in activities like driving and sports easier for individuals. Not only do these glasses have special lenses which  will and should block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays, but they also have the potential to make you safer as you go about your activities!

Top Polarized Sunglasses Brands

Bridge & Burn has a large range of many different colors, styles and only the top polarized sunglasses brands available for immediate purchase, so you are not just stuck with a small selection to choose from. 

Let's take a look at two of the best selling designs of polarized sunglasses at Bridge and Burn.


top polarized sunglasses brands

Suitable for most face shapes, you are sure to turn heads with these stunning handmade polarized sunglasses. Featuring Italian cellulose acetate  and authentic wood inlays, these sunglasses definately have style and character.Shop now


Next we have the 



These are really stylish and will definately protect your eyes from the sun. This design made from italian acetate comes with scratch-resistant polarized CR-39 lenses and even have universal fitting nosepads so will also feel comfortable when sitting on your nose. These come with 1 year warrranty. Shop now

If you are looking for a pair of top sunglasses, head over now to the Top Polarized Sunglasses Brands collection from Bridge & Burn, you definately will not be disappointed.

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