Waxed Canvas Bicycle Bags

Waxed Canvas Bicycle Bags

What is it that makes our waxed canvas bicycle bags most sought after.Here is the answer: It is down to the style, design and the functionality.

If you would like your cycling bag to look amazing on your back while you ride you must select one from our excellent range.

Waxed Canvas Bicycle Bags

I can give you my personal guarantee that you have not come across a bag like this before.

This hard wearing and waterproofed bag is what you require for your cycling days.

These bags age beautifully and due to their superior quality of the materials used in these cycling bags should last a life time.

Please take my word for it, this investment will be one investment you will not be regret or be disappointed with.

Our fantastic range of bags have everything when it comes to the style and fashion factor when selecting a bag, so let's have a look at what is available.

Waxed Canvas Bicycle Bags

I should also mention that these are unisex bags and can also be used by children without distracting from the main features and uses of the bag.

I know you are eager to see what one of these bags look like, so let's take a look at one of these exceptionals bags below.

Waxed canvas bag for use on bicycle ride

Please observe how strong and sturdy this bag looks. 

The main things you require from a bicycle bag would be water and weather proofed materials. 

This bag is just what you require for all climate conditions and will certainly ensure your belongings are kept safe and dry while cycling. 

The straps are made from Latigo leather and are very well designed and constructed.

Everything about this cycling bag points to style and quality workmanship.

While you may be asking yourself about the price, you can learn more on our sales page. Shop Now.

Please if you require further information regarding our bicycle bags, please do not hesitate to email any queries.

We are very happy to help, anything you need to know just send us a message any time at all.

I have one other really special feature to reveal to you about this bicycle bag.

The stand out feature of this bag is it is convertable, and easily transforms from a backpack to a tote bag. See the straps and the metal hoops in the image below.

 Bicycle bag special feature



When you hop or step off your bike you can remove the bag from your back, pull the leather straps through the hoops and carry like a tote bag.

This is a uniquely designed bag with all the features of two bags in one, due to this innovative design.

Why should you purchase this bag today?The answer is quite simple. Due to the innovative design and quality of the materials used in this bicycle bag plus the superior workmanship guarantees you a perfect two in one convertable bag. 

    This no compromise bag ticks all of the boxes and without doubt is probably what you have been looking for.

    Sit back and imagine how easy your shopping trips will be with this versatile stylish bicycle bag. 

    Just imagine how much easier those shopping trips on your bike are going to be.

    Treat the bag as a backpack on your back while you ride or alternatively convert it into tote format so when shopping it is simple. The bicycle bag because it is hard wearing is great for work too. Being stylish, it is great for social occasions and those shopping trips. And because of its superb quality and workmanship it should last you a life time.

    Of course, we have more waxed canvas bicycle bags in store, take a look now by clicking the button below.

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