Waxed Canvas Hat Made in USA

Waxed Canvas Hat Made in USA

There is nothing more satisfying than a waxed canvas hat made in the USA.

British Millerain Waxed Canvas Hat

If you are searching for a hat that you can wear in the wet weather, then you should look into acquiring a waxed canvas hat.

This very strong waxed canvs hat will most definately last a lot longer than any regular and inferior made cap.

Waxed Canvas Hat Made in USA 


This hat with its superior quality and style looks amazing on anyone and is without doubt one the most versatile hats you will ever buy. Shop Now.

This waxed canvas headware is designed to fit all sizes of heads due to its   adjustable strap.

This piece of headware is  expertly constructed with 5-panels and manufactured here in the USA and is of top quality in design.

Goodlooking, rugged, water-resistant and breathable, this exceptional Waxed Canvas Hat is the last cap you’ll ever need to purchase.

This hat is available in many different eye catching styles but include all of the same top quality features. Every waxed hat is water resistant that are designed to prevent moisture penetration for all-day comfort even when wet.

Our waxed canvas hat are made of the same exceptional and quality material as our signature bags. Waxed canvas allows the hat to age better, as well as to keep its original shape.

You will not purchase many other items of headwear or clothing that will last as long as this cap will.

The brim is stiff and will retain its shape so you don't have to worry about flopping down.

With its washed-out color coating, side ventilation eyelets and sun protection peek, this waxed cotton hat cleverly adapts to any weather conditions.

A cap like this combines functionality with durability.

You can wear the cap to the beach on a sunny day, or to keep your hair dry on a rainy shopping day.

Don't get caught in the rain without one, this is going to be the best item of clothing you have ever purchased, not to mention the most used.

The wax has a much more noticeable visual effect on a hat, it certainly looks good.

These hats match well with absolutely anything, you certainly don't need to worry about style combinations with this purchase.

Not only does it have style, but it is a very simple hat that protects its wearers from the sun and rain.

A light wax coating seals out the elements-keeping your head dry and warm.

If you love going trekking or on long walks, this hat is going to be like your best friend.

It is, without doubt, a great addition to any wardrobe, no matter what you use it for.

If you want to buy a waxed canvas hat made in the USA take a look in our store today.

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