womens black tote bag

Women's Black Tote Bag

Have you been searching high and low for a women's black tote bag and had no success in your search? Look no further than Bridge & Burn.

Bridge & Burn has a huge selection of bags in stock, available in different sizes and of course styles and colours.

Most women own a handbag. There are so many different kinds of handags including satchels, clutches, hobos and totes. 

Tote bags are definately the most popular type of handbag, due to the amount of space they provide and the many different styles and designs you can get. Most women prefer taking tote bags to their work than a regular handbag, as they are able to carry double the amount of belongings than that in a normal handbag.

Here at Bridge & Burn, you will find a large selection of tote bags in different styles, materials, colours and sizes.

When selecting a tote bag, one main factor to take into consideration is the quality, which means look at the material used. All materials differ but the main two fabrics which are popular and are of durability is leather and canvas. Leather can and should last you many years. Canvas is another material with the durability factor and of course has the style factor.

Women's Black Tote Bag

If it is a women's black tote bag you require which is nothing but stylish and of durability meet the Open Habit Half Moon Bag Black:

womens black tote bag

This is a bag with style and definately one for that organised individual. It comes supplied with an adjustable shoulder strap and is handcrafted in portland, oregon usa. This bag is also handcrafted  from water resistant canvas, which means it will be suitable also for all weather conditions. See more.

For more choices and colours or if you wish to purchase this women's black tote bag, shop the Bridge & Burn collection. Shop now!

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