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Bridge & Burn

Women Wear It: Our Favorites Borrowed from the Boys Looks

The early iterations of Bridge & Burn began with a small line of definitively west-coast mens outerwear & shirting, but very early on we realized that women were buying the menswear pieces and styling them with their own unique twist.

And so began our womenswear collection. But no matter how many feminine dresses or tops we develop, we will always love a cool menswear inspired look. On that note, we've rounded up a four of our favorite menswear inspired looks, borrowing a few pieces from the boys because who says rules need apply? Read on to shop the looks & how we'd style them. 

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Five For Friday: July, 2019

Are you subscribed to our newsletter? Well you should be. Once a month you'll get five of our favorite internet finds straight to your inbox.  For July, we're sharing a super cool, self-sustaining artist colony in Arizona, sleeper record picks from notable audiophiles, the PNW's popular new getaway island, big news in camping gear, and our dream Seattle cabin. Read on & click through to see the full articles. Oh yeah, and don't forget that newsletter subscription.  


Our Guide To Summer Weddings

Here's the deal. You're probably going to have to attend a few weddings this summer, even though you'd rather load up the cooler and set up camp in some sunny, remote spot. The good news is that summer weddings typically call for a little adventure thrown into the mix, often with a cool locale that you might even enjoy spending a few days in. 
To help you with the process of planning what to wear, we've laid out a few outfits for you to make packing easy, whether you're heading to the beach, a bustling city, or some secluded spot in the woods.
Read on and shop the looks. Happy travels!

Wedding in the Woods

As a Pacific Northwest brand, the woods are near and dear to our hearts. Trust us when we say that this location is about elevated utility, with some earth tones mixed in for good measure.

For the ladies, that means (A) the workwear meets fashion Flynn jumpsuit in Olive, (B) Erin Templeton Boxcar Bag, (C) Komono Renee Giraffe shades, and (D) nature-inspired Wolf Circus Elsworth gold earrings

For guys, we'd go with (E) the lightweight Marten pinstripe shirt, (F) the Monroe blazer in navy, (G) a Kiriko custom-dyed bandana disguised as a pocket square, (H) our trusty Helm boots, and (I) comfy Ro To To socks.


Beach Bound Wedding

Nothing says summer quite like a day spent at the beach, so we'll warmly welcome a coastal wedding. Best part about it? Shoes tend to be optional. 

For ladies, we're all about a (A) lightweight, button-down dress, (B) this Yellow 108 straw hat, (C) Komono Lulu shades, (D) Wolf Circus' seashell earrings, and (E) Seavees slip-on mules for easy access to toes in the sand. 

Guys, pack (F) this on theme Harbor Pacific Latitudes button-down, (G) Yellow 108's Stevie straw hat, (H) Salt & Stone's SPF50 stick, (I) Anonymous Ism Palm Tree socks to stay on theme, and (J) our linen Alden pant



Sleek City Wedding

Last but not least in our roundup of destination weddings is a trip to the city, calling for a slightly dressier adaptation, but don't worry, we're not letting go of comfort.

For ladies, let's go with (A) a cinched waist dress in navy, (B) bring along a funny 'Til Death flag for post 'I do's', (C) Komono's round frame sunglasses , and (D) Erin Templeton's Straight and Narrow bag to stash some tissues.

For the gentlemen, we'd pick (E) Helm's Railroad boot, (F) our favorite Throne watch, (G) Misc. Good Go Underhill Solid Cologne so you smell as good as you look, (H) our incredibly comfortable Polk pant, (I) our Sutton Black Chambray button-down,  paired with (J) a Kathrine Zeren neck tie, and last but not least, (K) this stainless steel slider pen so you can sign that guest book with style.