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Bridge & Burn

Bridge Burners Vol. 18- Sarah Wolf of Wolf Ceramics

Creating Bridge & Burn required a leap of faith. Founder Erik Prowell quit his job as a software developer, lit the proverbial match, and threw it—burning the bridge of working for anyone else behind him. With no formal training, he trusted his smarts and his strong work ethic, and took the plunge. In that spirit, Bridge Burners is a series showcasing people who are taking a similar leap. This month, we chatted with Sarah Wolf of Wolf Ceramics

What was your first foray into the world of ceramics? Did you always know this was a career you wanted to pursue?

I definitely didn’t know that I would find my way to a career in ceramics! I always loved making art and had the good fortune of having a mother who was a professional painter and parents who encouraged both creative practices as well as math and science, which I also enjoyed. I was attracted to making objects that are useful and functional, from sewing my clothes, to making beach forts and knitting hats.

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Beats & Burn Vol. 39: Sophie Carpenter

Sophie Carpenter - Beats & Burn


This edition of Beats & Burn is a little different. When Sophie Carpenter agreed to create an end of summer playlist for us, we figured there would be no one better to capture the essence of that playlist through artwork than her. We've long admired her dreamy, Southern California inspired photos and agree that this playlist is the perfect companion for a day of exploration. Read on for why she picked these tunes and photo.



"Southern California is the perfect place for a weekend road trip. You can be in the mountains, the desert or at the beach in just a couple of hours. Whether you are on a summer road trip, or just driving to work, these are some of my favorites songs to sing with the windows down.


Sophie took this photo on a Sunday drive through Malibu. Parked outside of the Surfrider Malibu, this old school ride & rack of surfboards perfectly exemplifies what Sophie loves most about LA- access to nature and a laidback atmosphere. 


- Sophie Carpenter

Sophie Carpenter is a production accountant for NBC's The Good Place and a photographer capturing all there is to love about Los Angeles.