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Bridge & Burn

Beats & Burn Vol. 41: Musician Jeffrey Silverstein & Artist Corbin Becker

Beats & Burn Vol. 41: October


There's a special kind of magic that happens when fall first hits in the Pacific Northwest. Leaves change colors, the sun's still shining, and taking a walk around the neighborhood feels worthy of its own hi-fi soundtrack. Jeffrey Silverstein's playlist for volume 41 of Beats & Burn is the perfect soundtrack for a fall stroll, whether you're here or elsewhere. Plus, we love Corbin Becker's Halloween-inspired artwork to throw some festive vibes into the mix. Read on for how this mix and artwork came to be.

Notes On The Mix

"To me, one of the best ways to get to know a city is through its music scene. I have been blown away not only by the quality of songwriters and musicians in Portland and the surrounding area, but by the venues, promoters, and sound engineers working hard to maintain an inclusive spirit in the music community. This mix has both PNW staples (Michael Hurley, Marisa Anderson) and some of the best up and coming artists in town (Y La Bamba, Plastic Cactus)."

 About Jeffrey Silverstein

Jeffrey Silverstein is a musician, teacher, and freelance writer from Portland, Oregon. He is a strong advocate for students with learning challenges and believes deeply in the power of music. His debut solo EP, How on Earth came out earlier this year on Driftless Recordings. You can find his writing here and his music here.

Notes On The Artwork

"This here is an illustration depicting a spooky monster mash for the season. Porches have been a happy theme for me lately as something to admire walking by as well as spending my own on time and meditations on. It seemed only natural to be the setting for a casual Halloween dance party."

About Corbin Becker

My name is Corbin and I live in Portland. When I’m not staring into the abyss at the place that pays me it’s fun to make art and participate in various projects such as this. One day I dream of doing a mural. Check out my Instagram for more art and my cute doggo.  



Behind The Design: Fort Rock Inspired Desert Camo Print

As we develop each collection, we look to the natural beauty of our home state for inspiration. This season we're bring a piece of Fort Rock, Oregon's iconic volcanic landmark to your wardrobe by way of the Bea button up and Ada shirt dress in our new Desert Camo print. 

Scroll through to see a behind the scenes look at how we developed the print, as well as some of the images we took during our last Central Oregon visit that were then incorporated into the illustration.

"As a kid growing up in Bend, my dad and I visited Fort Rock pretty often. When the design team was working out the color palette for our Fall '19 collection, we kept coming back to the high desert as inspiration and it brought me back to those moments of my childhood."

- Erik Prowell, Founder



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